Saturday , June 3 2023

Amalia Granata is suffering from Carla Peterson because she has been resisting abortion and refusing to take pictures.


Participant In the afternoon Pamela has shown that the bad moments that took place in the party's annual heroes' party People.

Amalia Granata complained to Carla Peterson because she refused to meet her and photo of Caras magazine

The explosion in a public discourse on abortions in the parliamentary debate took place Wednesday evening, with the magazine's complete release for Heroes of the Year People. At the moment of voltage, the protagonist, Amalia Granata (37) He spoke of rudeness Carla Peterson (44) and other groups have been exposed to artificial abortion.

"The manufacturer has brought me close and told me that I was wearing a blue coat and that Carla Peterson came in with a green napkin and wanted to have a symbolic greeting to see each other. He said, "Karla does not want to take a picture with you."

Granama explains: "The producer told me that he was wearing a blue feather and that I came. Carla Peterson green napkin. They want a symbolic greeting to see the lives of both parties. I told her that she was awesome, and the producer told me that I would speak to Carl Bains. After a while she came to me and said, "Karla is not going to take a picture with you."

"You take the mask to feminism, they are constantly raising."

Amalia then says: "Why can I say that a feminist is what they say or say, and they have a dislike for a woman who is different. It brings the mask to feminism, and they are constantly up. " A journalist who has been hit by a congressional film critic, unlike his 100-year-long love for the main character, says, "I asked my colleague to accompany me because I knew that. In fact, no one met me. " And he said:Lali Esposito He did not greet me; Jimena Baron He did not greet me; Veronica LausanneHe did not greet me; B. FlowerHe did not say hello. All those who abandoned me once met me. "

"Lali Esposito did not say hello to me, Jimena Baron did not say, Veronica Lausanne did not say hello, I did not say Flor de la and greetings, none of the people who passed by me, all greeted me."

Finally, Amalia Granata He is famous: "It's not about me, but more about them. Most importantly, we must defend the feminism and the equality of women and oppose the injustice we have with us. They talk more about feminism frauds and they are not for me. And he said: "I have a lot of street, people are in contact. You know you do not want to greet yourself, others come to you and play deaf. They did not care about me, I felt it. I wanted to say hello to most of them and they saw another way. "

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