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Amarock: Invalid van Voice


Amarok is the Wolk of the Arctic in the Eskimo, and in the mythology of the Inuit, this wolf associates wolves. The amorrhagle with other Arctic peoples is called "wolf". Volkswagen has long been in contact with the wolf Wolfsburg, where the central plant is located and its name is translated as "wolves".

Amarok displays and displays many of Volkswagen's features. Among them strength, strength and reliability collecting What can you do about any task?


Since its inception eight years ago, Amarok has adapted to the needs of most demanded markets. In 2012, it added eight-phase automatic transmission to the segment, which is still unique and adds up to 180 gigabytes of engine power. In 2013, its embedded versions ranged from 122 to 140 engine engines. In addition, in the same year, the dealership dealer launched a successful "Amarok Expert" program, which provides all the necessary tools to provide a complete client-side consultation throughout the country.

In 2014, Amarok continued innovation and introduced an automatic box to its 4 × 2 version and launched its first special version – the successful «Dark Label». This process has not stopped, and in 2015, the equipment has been expanded with Bi-Xenon headlights, electric mirrors and new tires.

Volkswagen offers you a variety of ways to reach Amarok through your savings or financing plan. (Maipú World)

In Amarok El Calafate's new Amarok new interior and interior design and safety, technology, communications and comfort in 2016 completely upgraded its range. Thus, Volkswagen has confirmed its commitment in the pick-up segment, strengthening the Amarok market position.

In 2017, it was a new era in Amarok's history, making it the most powerful car in the middle pneumatic segment of the new Amarok V6. This year, the Comfortline is launched with the V6 engine and Amarok is ready to handle the most powerful engine.



This is a purchase from Volkswagen. CD, MP3, USB, SD card, RCD 230G radio with Aux input, 16-inch wheels (only in one cab), eco leather seat covers, connection i-Pod and Bluetooth.

It also offers a package to continue adding the tools Hard work, rubber flooring and synthetic leather. These items are very useful for a user who can provide the vehicle with reliable and practical support.


This version has the best price / product price not only for its benefits, but also for its equipment. 17 "wheeled wheels consist of a fabric surface «Kemisu», multifunction steering wheel, front and rear parking sensor, 2.0 TDI 180cw engine, composite media radio with CD, MP3, USB, SD card and App-Connect.

Responsibility is one of the strengths of the Volkswagen brand and is based on this concept and has been enhanced with all the active and passive safety considerations, including the Comfortline version. The Differential Lock System is the only choice that can offer this feature in all versions, even in 4×2 versions. In addition, all double cabin versions have 4 airbags for side effects (head and chest).

Technology is another foundation, so Volkswagen has been created Connec applicationThis is the most up-to-date application for communication and interaction with smartphones as the mobile phone's screen can be mirrored in the multimedia center, allowing you to control your mobile phone from the system screen and vice versa.

Volkswagen is the first one that will allow its customers to connect their smartphones MirrorLink ™ as well Android Auto ™ o Apple CarPlay ™.

Top line

In this version, 18 "alloy wheel, electrically adjustable front seats, automatic climate control «Climatronic» bake, backup camera, radio Discover MediaCD, MP3, USB, SD card, i-Pod and Bluetooth connection, App-Connect and Browser

Amarok V6

Volkswagen introduced the new Amarok V6 in two versions in June 2017: Low and Extreme. B, 224 hp and the 550-horsepower 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine with a 550 Nm cylinder, the strongest revolt in the new Amarok V6 segment and continued to make significant strides in the history of automotive industry in Argentina.

The Amarok V6 segment is available with a 4Motion tractor (all four wheels on a regular basis), which is connected to a unique eight-speed automatic transmission. Thus, the steering wheel has a high level of satisfaction and excellent dynamic performance. The new unit is available in two external hardware configurations: Amarok V6, stainless steel style, oval tension and edge of the material "Millford" 19 "; and Amarok V6 Extreme, with sporty, aluminum flat earrings and 20 "Talca" wheels.

In April this year, Volkswagen V1, V1, V4, V4, V4, V1, V1, V1, V1, V1, V1, V2, V1, V1, V1, V1, V2, this version of the most powerful engine in the range of the highest range, aimed at expanding the competitive edge in the competitive market, which is different from competition.

The new Amarok V6 Comfortline is equipped with a 4Motion tractor (all-round four-wheel drive integral) coupled with a unique eight-speed automatic transmission. Thus, the steering wheel has a high level of satisfaction and excellent dynamic performance.

It also preserves the function OverBoostA powerful overpressure system that exceeds maximum performance over a given period of time. This feature provides 20 additional CVs (244 CVs) up to 10 seconds or 140 km / h and is available from 50 to 120 km / h.

Volkswagen Amarok offers a wide range of options for its customers. (Maipú World)

Alternative Financing


Amarok manages the segment of savings sold on the market of savings plans and since its launch in 2013, more than 63,700 customers have subscribed.

Autoahorro offers its own business plan with the Amarok 4×2 subscription model, Trendline 140 CV, in the form of reduced tariff plan 70/30 for 84 months.

This plan gives its subscribers exceptional advantages: the first 12 fixed payments from 2 to 13, allowing customers to have a sustainability scheme in the first year, which increases the benefits of the savings plan.

In addition, "Autosahorro Volkswagen Backup" will prevent the Client from unexpected breaks between sections 6 and 30 within 24 months. This innovative profit is unique in the market and in any case guarantees that the client can continue to pay for its savings plan. It is aimed at people and monitermists / autonomy dependent on dependence, or in the first case or in general or partial disability, in the unexpectedly termination of labor relations.

Volkswagen financial services

Volkswagen Financial Company has an exciting version of Amarok financing. This option can be financed by means of funds financed from $ 6.9 to $ 250,000 for a period of 18 months.

For more information, visit www.maipuvolol.com or contact Av Colon 4045 / A. Sabattini 2000.

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