Saturday , October 16 2021

An impressive fire in the plastic factory of Tierra del Fuego

They started seeing in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fugeo Big smoke curtains in the sky from all points of the city. They came from the factory Plastic Isla Grande, it is necessary Releases more than 80 employees After the fire took over the whole plant.

According to the local newspaper The weatherAfter 16 minutes there was a fire. Brown and Oriz one of the largest in the industrial park. The devils went out and took the interior of the place.

Civilian firefighters and firefighters work on the site. It is concentrated in the area where the fire contains combustion material. The company is a manufacturer of polyethylene sheets, specialized for stretch films, for various purposes production capacity exceeds 35 thousand tons per year.

During the fire – employees are involved with the teenagers who burned pallets in the back of the plant – the factory was built and all its employees worked. Security Secretary Javier Eposto, Public Affairs Officer Gabriela Castillo, Commissioner Moraga, municipal officials and others. hundreds of neighbors who fear the surrounding buildings.

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