Thursday , August 11 2022

An unexpected concentrate that was part of the River Guillermo Barros Schelotto


Boca made a list of top players on Saturday before the final of the Cuban Libertadores final. The bunker will have 24 players that will be "saved" blue and gold then an open lesson for the morning (18 to 18) The bombmaner).

He drew attention to the fact that one of the groups that could not participate in the monument was named. About this Christian Pavon, which, when equating to the center of the first leg of the Bomber's, showed that he had been lined up.

In the last hours, Cordoba striker did not show good evolution, but at the last minute to see if coaches could be among at least a substitute. As we have seen, Pavon is engaged in support of his team on the blue and golden rounds, as he can not play an important part of the competition and try to be on the side of the group.

Closed-door experience after last morning Xeneize It will only switch to tomorrow's shift. Then he will concentrate on the hotel Madero and on Friday he will make the last steps: in Guillermo, one can identify eleven.

After the big meeting, the twin worked out a dismissal clock: He pushed two teams into the court and interrupted the alleged proponents.

On the one hand, he fell to his chest: Andrade Andrada; Leonardo Jara, Carlos Iscirados, Lizardro Magallan, Emmanuel Mas; Fernando Gaga, Wilmar Barrios, Agustín Almendra; Mauro Carroll, Carlos Tevez and Edwin Cardona.

They were: Agustín Rossi; Julio Buffarini, Paolo Goltz, Leonardo Bererdi, Lucas Elas; Nahitan Nandez, Julián Chicco, Pablo Perez; Sebastián Villa, Ramón Ábila and Dario Benedetto.

Among the 22 children mentioned above, Balerdi and Chikko are not only minors. Salaries include Carlos Lampe, Emanuel Reinso, Christian Espinoza and the above mentioned Pavon.

Everyone shows that Gillermo has hidden the board under seven keys and that the visitor has the official training in his clothes. Monumental.

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