Saturday , June 3 2023

Andrs Cunha is ready for the finals


End Copa Libertadores It's in the corner. On Saturday at 17.00 in the Monumental stadium, The river and Mouth The next American champion will be determined. He scored 2-2 points to the final in Bombonera Xeneize to win the classic opponent, as well as to lift the Caucasian trophy. On the side A millionaire, will benefit from the public, who is eager to include the fourth continental championship.

The referee of the match is Uruguayis Andrs Cunhaeach of the pre-election policies determines who will deliver the justice. Colleges, their deputies and responsible persons YES they are already concentrated CONMEBOL.

To ensure fairness in the recent history, the electorate will balance the positive and negative parties for coordinating work in the city of Paraguay, make past mistakes and move to the main constitutional courts of the previous Congolese. It should be noted that the task of keeping sports discipline in their hands can be very complicated and complicated.

Referees of the historical final:

Andrs Cunha (Major arbitrator)
Nicholas Teuku (Assistant 1)
Mauricio Espinosa (Assistant 2)
Vctor Hugo Carrillo (fourth arbitrator)
Leodn Gonzlez (Owner of VAR)
Esteban Ostozhich (VAR Assistant 1)
Richard Trinidad (VAR Assistant 2)
Martn Vzquez (VAR supervisor)
Carlos Torres (YES consultant)

It should be noted that, as a rule Conmebol, it is forbidden to disclose the judge of the meeting. However, the words Cunha The big final came after Uruguay's stadium in the duel for women of the world for the 17-year-old after the informal dialogue of Jonatan Pinasko, a journalist from his country.

"I am very glad to have chosen, many congratulations and congratulations, I wish we had a good job," he admitted. Cunha, It was not a good idea for Argentine football to be the historic match Xeneize, This is a recent reference to the background A millionaire.

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