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Another Almiron friend – San Lorenzo's third strengthening – 12/30/2018

Fernando Monetti, former coach of coach Jorge Almiro, is the third amplifier at San Lorenzo's market. Atletico Nacional from Colombia has a goalkeeper with a debt of 6 months and can buy it.

It is the Colombian club, which made the operation Sunday afternoon. Your loan will cost $ 25,000 until San Lorenzo until June, and the option to buy is set at 80,000 to $ 800,000. The remaining 20 percent will remain in force.

29-year-old Monetti will fight with 29-year-old Lanus and Nicholas Navarro (33 years) led by Almiro Atletico Nasoni. Other San Lorenzo goalkeeper Sebastian Torrico (38), Argentinos Junior would offer a two and a half year contract.

Monety's arrival is part of two other Colombians from Atletico Nacional: Gustavo Torres (22) and Raul Laiza (24-year-old midfielder).

On November 21, 2010, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata against Villar, set up a record for the 2012/13 season at Monetti La Plata: 570 minutes without a goal in 1962, with 526 minutes of historic Carlos Minjana.

Like Almiron, the goalkeeper is also the first division champion with Lanus in 2016. That year, they also won the Bicentenarium Cup and the Argentina Super Cup.

Monety also won the Columbian Cup this year. The goalkeeper ensures that Almiron is clear in the group or equates the ball to command.

As far as San Lorenzo's supplements are concerned, there may be occasions for a year after the steering wheel of the former Federico Mancello steering wheel, which has a verbal agreement to purchase $ 1.3 million from Kuzgeiro and Flamengo, respectively, 60 and 40 per cent owners of federal rights .

Mancello is glad to return to Argentina.

Mancello is glad to return to Argentina.

Another flamenco may be very close, and the international Miguel Miguel (26 years old) from Peru to receive a loan.

Monetti, Torres and Loaiza will perform on Cuudad Deportiva on January 3. San Lorenzo returns to official competitions on Sunday, 18th, at the New Gasometer classic slopes of the 13th Sunday. Day of rising. In 2019 his calendar will be added to the Super League, Copa Libertadores and Argentina Cup.

Peru from the side of Miguel Miguel Trauco.

Peru from the side of Miguel Miguel Trauco.

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