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Fousto Jones Huala, the central witness of Rafael Najuel's state death, is now free. Last Thursday he appeared before the judiciary, and on Friday at a reduced court session he was dismissed due to his "abusive" crime and sentenced to six months of imprisonment for attacking the government. "The fact that the center is due to the latter fact: Federal judge Sapvala, Silvia Domantes, asserted that Jones Huala did not use firearms against a group of Albatros who violated the history of the Ministry of National Security of the Mapouca Society and the Maritime Prefecture There is a conflict between members of the Albatross group.

Jones Huala acknowledged that he had met face-to-face with stones and temporarily penalized the "attack on power."

Changing the procedural situation in the young Mapuche, with Lauraro González Kurryuxin, raising the dead body of Rafael, allows him to be a witness to the assassination of Nahuel.

This is because Jones Huala is near the victim, trying to avoid any explosion between the 114th and the 9mm bullets from the five Albatross fired on November 25, 2017. Mapucci association Lafken Winkul Mapu, Villa Mascardi.

Jones Huala was not involved with the abusive investigation – so fire was ignited – the words of Minister Patricia Bullik's theory about the Moghush Jamshed. The story of the opponent was made by the head of the Albatross operation, the head of WhatsApp, Pablo Ruben Berra, who ended Rafael Nahuel's murder.

This sound was sent to Burra minutes before the cellphone was stolen. One day later, on November 26, Minister Patricia Balhchic made the version a reality and reiterated the theory of opposition, despite the absence of evidence to support it.

In early January, Jones Huala was convicted of federal judge Leonidas Moless, who also ordered him to be held in custody. From May 2018, he was "fled" for the justice that he had been freeing. But 24 hours later on Thursday, after a brief court case with legal representation by lawyer Mattis Schreier, he restored his freedom.

On Friday night, he made a statement that he was "exempted from the absurd opportunity to be prosecuted for assault and constitutional order." This justice was not allowed. "

The young captain's brother, Fushundo Jones, is an opponent's opponent in Kusha, Huala, explaining: "The only thing I admit and accept is that I have come across a ruthless and unmanageful attack on my elite albatross groups. They killed Rafael Nahuel. "He also destroyed the theory of weapons use, and this was an invention for justifying the weaponless weapon."

Another crucial story was the last time Rafael killed Nahuel. The Bariloc Plaintiff's (APDH) case was recognized as a case lawyer for the first time acknowledging that a crime could be regarded as a violation of human rights.

APRD's resolution, General Roca's Appeal Chamber, explained that Nahuil's death was a "repressive operation of the security forces that analyzed the context of the repression of the group". The use of force and death at the back of a young man in the context of a political uproar in Mapuce. "

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