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Anti-Bribery: They are obliged to return the mortgage to Santiago del Estero in the amount of $ 32 million – 22.11.18


Santiago del Estero (Correspondent) .- Banco Hipotecario, Santiago del Estero Branch must return approximately $ 32 million in cash To the province of Santiago del Estero. Judge Maria Servín handed this on the claim of the Santiago Government The money spent for 45 days was saved by dollars the governor Gerardo Zamora claimed that "PROCELAC" and the HBC "went unnamed to officials".

In its resolution, Serini ordered the immediate cessation of a "cessation of payment cessation" in the amount of $ 31,932,295.63 imposed by Santiago del Estero Province, and ordered that Santiago del Estero Province and / or its officials be included in the federal court No. 1, Banco Hipotecario SA Santiago del Estero branch and / or through the Central Bank's mediation, in the sphere of its use, "- the judge's decision.

On Wednesday, that idea came to light officials in the amount of 32 million "with money" and they have been blocked in response to claims by PROCELAC.

As a result, the provincial public prosecutor Raul Abate, "a journalist version of the Banco Hipotecario is linked to supply of funds in dollars 32 million provinces from the provincial treasury. legally owned by Leget del Tesoro Nacional last month the Ministry of Economy of our region asked to repay these deposits to take care of a financial agent«

The representative "is, unfortunately, under Banco Hipotecario's illegal actions, even illegal actions ($ 500,000) Inactivity throughout the day when the Central Bank controls and facts that have been completely eliminated from the facts claimed by the PROCELAC precautionary act to prevent the financial institution from being incompatible with unreasonable facts, and to date it has been pointed out that " The financial institution's cash withdrawal fee was $ 500,000.

According to the journalist version, PROCELAC instructed to prevent the withdrawal of "32 million cash". This prosecutor abducted Abat.

Governor Gerardo Zamora also thanked the people for their support on Facebook, and said that Banco Hipotecario de Santiago del Estero and PROCELAC and Finance did not return them to foreign currency by mistake in that province.

He also said: "Thank you very much for the belief that we are afraid, confused, or kneel (and I say it with inner peace and humility), giving us more strength to protect our interests and resources. all the sanitary naphtha ".

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