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Apple removed WhatsApp sticker pack from App Store – News Technology – Technology


Apple removes Apple's App Store from removing and removes packages, and most additions limit the growth of new "packages" that violate their policies. Some apps have already been deleted.

According to the "WaBetaInfo" portal, Twitter's Twitter account on Apple's removal of packages is based on the violation of its application store policy.

The recently launched WhatsApp feature lets users use image packs to communicate with their contacts. In addition to the habit of the app owned by Facebook, if users want to expand the catalog of labels, they should go to third party events.

The labels work in a different way how they work in applications like Telegram. In an application made by the Russians, when the packages are loaded, they are downloaded directly to the Telegram. WhatsApp needs to be set up on a mobile phone and use a large number of tabs as specific packages.

As @WABetaInfo has discovered, Apple can "delete these packages" because "there are many applications with similar action that requires installation of WhatsApp (apps published on the App Store should work without the need to install others) and design applications are the same.

The rules that follow the Apple Store App Review guidelines are forbidden by you to "make the last known app in the App Store" or "make minor changes to the name or user interface of another app" and you do not have to do it yourself.

On this topic, the English portal has a chat theme on Twitter, asserting that "if Apple uses the WhatsApp user interface template, the App Store will reject or delete the label", a message for developers.

On the other hand, some network users were sympathetic to the decision making process. "We've changed the design and improved functionality, Apple still does not accept or ignore our appeal," said the user, adding to the user's video clip of the user interface.

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