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Bariloche infects HIV among young people because they do not use condoms


"The new situation is disturbing". Thus, the Sexual Health Group of Ramon Carroll has named the latest statistics.

In 2017, Rio Negro registered 156 new HIV cases; and this year Bariloche has 23 new registrations.

"This number is important, but not just HIV, but also syphilis, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases. Most infections are sexually transmitted, "says Gabriela Vassace, a veterinarian of the Sexual Health group.

Saturday – AIDS Day, which was set up 30 years ago.

The most vulnerable to men under the age of 30 and male / female ratio is from 2,3 to 1; ie there is a woman who has a virus for every two people with HIV.

Clara Lettti, a general practitioner, adds: "We are primarily referring to the wrong use of the condom or not to be used directly in the hospitals and health centers. All this is due to the lack of information and the lack of work at schools. "

There are 122,000 people in the country, but 30% of them do not know. 81% of the total number of people who know their diagnosis are being treated.

Due to the lack of diagnosis, a new campaign has been launched in the "Emuz" group for homeless people – in Section 3 and in the central hospital of the hospital to identify new cases.

There are about 200 patients treated in Bariloche.

The Sexual Health Office works Tuesday, Thursday and Thursday from 13.30 to 16, without any interruption, counseling and medical care. This year, in addition to all deductions made in other contexts of various consultations, the team has conducted 200 operational trials in various campaigns.

Experts in the Barilocheta Hospital, in general, say patients are "asymptomatic" because they are in danger and want to consult.

According to the epidemiological bulletin published by the Ministry of Health of the AIDS and ETS, 35 percent of the nationwide HIV diagnosis is delayed, which is at the previous stage of the virus infection. He weakened the body's defense.

This is the motto

"Know your state" is the motto of celebrating the World AIDS Day this year.

According to her, three out of every four people living with HIV are aware of their serostatas. However, as stated in the last report, there are more ways than ever before, and this is a way to prevent people living with HIV from being unaware of their status and helping them with quality services, "said the organization.

"The free use of a condom that is free is directly related to the lack of information or the lack of information."

Clara Lettii is a general practitioner at the Ramon Carrillo Hospital.

HIV was found this year in Barilashtra. The number of sexually transmitted diseases is high.

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