Tuesday , August 16 2022

Blaas Junta Superfinal: "I played with a broken head"


Property Blas Armando Giunta It is famous for its aggressive and temperamental approach. It was as if he supported him as a fan and trainer.

In the last hours, idol Xeneize a sports alert ESPN and DT's relationship The river. «Gallardo always said he did not want to play. He said he could not play sports advantage. He told them immediately chabónHe did not speak to the press later. I loved what he did to me ", slipped off.

However, they asked him if he was one of the team's victims mouth, Junta He refused to say that he was against the suspension: "I played it. I would not have a problem. I played her happily. I would play with a broken head «.

Former midfielder has made two steps to the river club. The first one was 1989 and 1993 and the other – 1995 and 1997, After the Mexican football. He is now a leader Admiral Brown.

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