Saturday , June 3 2023

Black Friday: What precautions should be taken to avoid fraud


Starting this Friday, the local version of the event promises different offers and discounts on various destinations.
The local edition of "Black Friday" offers a variety of offers and discounts on Friday for benefits from physical and online stores, but experts will advise on safety precautions such as ad verification or commercial applications specification. Avoid frauds.

Purchases are multiplied online and include special cases (eg Christmas or World Cup) "Cybercriminals use this type of event, which allows them to take a large number of harmful campaigns. users, – explains Telam Cecilia Pastorino, computer security expert.

"The main problem with users when buying online is information stealing," says Eset Lotin America, a specialist working on, and currently "the most popular delusions – those who direct the user on artificial sites, to receive credit card data, PayPal accounts (or other digital payment instruments) ) and electronic banking credentials ".

Therefore, one of the main safeguards for online purchases is "unreliable offers and excessive ads."

Black Friday is a promotional day, "Some fake people are baffling to draw the attention of the victim," says Unicys's Security Director, Leonardo Carissa.

According to the specialist, if a person receives a notice about the 55-inch Smart TV share market share, it is recommended that you make some checks with the purchase: "Is the company known? Is the website known? Is the link point to an official page or link to another page? «

Paying attention to the message is another key to avoiding false suggestions and an example of spelling errors.

In February 2017, about $ 1 billion cyberpunk fraud was discovered in Asia because criminals made a written mistake on artificial remittances, "Karisimi said. .

In the procurement process, you should also pay attention to the following: "Check the page title (offenders use the same names as the official program), the number of comments (there are several comments in false applications); if the name or description is incorrect in writing, the day of the publication (in case of fraud, the day of the announcement is better), "he said.

When it comes to doubts, it continues, you can go to the trading website and find program information, including its download link.

Pastorino explains that, "WhatsApp message on the discounted days, many WhatsApp messages are offered either via e-mail or advertisement on the web site or with a discount."

Avoid purchasing local or WiFi using a Wi-Fi network, for example, one of the suggestions to avoid "fraud" as a type of public network is "an easy access point for cybercriminals", writes Avast's computer security company.

Finally, experts have always advised to conduct "safe and reliable" operations on WiFi networks.

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