Saturday , June 19 2021

Boka Farewell: Police officer falls on motorcycle in security operation – 05/12/2018

An important security service was opened to protect the micro-guards who went to the campus Boca Juniors To get rid of the Copa Libertadores Cup final in Madrid.

However, in the middle of the trip, there was an accident Fortunately, nothing happened except fear.

The autopist is near the convoy of Dellepiane – near Parque Avellaneda, a motorcycle driver fell and had to get out of the way quickly so to avoid running for behind-the-road vehicles.

At that moment, along with the security forces, the camera of the Todo Noticias channel was recorded.

You can see in the transmission, It was a conflict between the train station and the motorcycle the wounded money was transferred.

Other officers immediately identified the man on the floor and stopped the march and signaled to help him.

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