Saturday , June 19 2021

Carlos Rosenkrantt: Never "never" will not "suffer any loss"

"Obligation Never again – It is important in Argentine history – it can not be used in any way or in any way because there is no way to apply this obligation to the law and the constitution. "said Rosenkrantz.

After the speech of the chairman of the court, the President was solemnly shut down, Mauricio Macri"The participation of citizens – the spirit of justice – 2020". "It enriches us as a society and improves our policy quality"he said. The Head of State also emphasized the importance of the speed, which can be "trusted, ie, near, modern, transparent and independent".

The head of state underlined the central role of participants in the criminal process after approving more than 20 laws, which are part of the initiatives of the Justice 2020 Program. Implementation of the law of flames, which will allow for a short sentence.

For his part, Minister of Justice, German Garaviano According to him, "Adjusting the justice of the UN by the 2030 agenda, achieving a peaceful, inclusive society and achieving equity." Similarly, He declared the judges "the justice of reconstruction."

He was the first speaker Ricardo Jila Lavedra, General Coordinator of the Justice 2020 Program, Presented three year program results. This initiative, in addition to other issues, is the introduction of new technologies in the judiciary across the country, transparency of open government policies and the creation of effective mechanisms for access to information through electronic files.

One of the changes that has been advocated by this program is the Ministry of Justice implementation of oralmans in civil proceedings. This method has been used in nine provinces in Buenos Aires to reduce the duration of the six to six months process. EBy the end of 2019 half of the civilian judges are expected to use this tool.

Family members of the CCK's Argentinean crime scene; Former President of the Senate Federico Pino; Interior Minister Rogelia Frigerio; Security Secretary Patricia Bullich and Secretary-General of the President Fernando de Andreas. Formosa governors, Gildo Insfrán; Santiago del Estero, Jerardo Zamora; Entre Ríos, Gustavo Bordet and de Chaco, Domingo Peppo; national and provincial legislators, all national, regional, and federal level judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and national and regional officials.

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