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Cesar Luis Menotti forgets old competition and desires Carlos Billiards – 31.12.2018

Occasionally, it serves to treat wounds. They have been open even for many years. Cesar Luis Menotti and Carlos Billiard, two national technical champions from the national team, have learned how to keep the water in the Argentine football, which is water distributing. The place was opened even though both were dismissed different feelings.

Situation advice NarigoBecause of the severity of his health, he questioned Menotti. "He wished him good and could go forward, issued a verdict Negative, much ahead of you.

"There is nothing to do with any possible controversy in life, and I want God to know that he has to help him out and help him," says Manotti, "Boca de Selection," by AM 770 Cooperative.

"Moving me forward is a football player, I've been to his home and want it to be good, and that does not mean we have no different way of life and football. what can be done with the other, "he explained.

Menotti came from Gustavo Alfaro Boca and said he felt "respect" for the club's new coach. In that sense, he said, "he has a great deal of experience," and wrote: "I'm sure his task will be effective at the club. If you look at the number of players, you realize that he is ready to bake in other teams. "

The Negative Juan Roman has also expressed his desire for Rickelman to be regarded as a 24-hour technical director and the future of Boca's team, who will prepare for new tests in 2019, claiming that Tevez has set himself up as a coach.

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