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Chile introduces tablets to prevent spread of HIV NEWS Industry

The Chilean government announced on Friday free shipping including pre-exposure prophylactic preparations (PREP), Medication that prevents HIV transmission; at the time In the first quarter of 2019.

For the past seven years, the Chilean authorities have repeatedly denied the number of people infected with the virus Movement of Homosexual Integration and Release (Movilh), next year to determine the protocols that govern it.

"Prepare can reduce the chance of purchasing more than 90% of the virus during sexual practices if it is taken daily. That's why it should be a protocol that gives people guidance on their real impacts and encourages safe sexual practices, as this tablet can not be relaxed, "says Diabo Rios, Manager of Movilh Health Area.

According to the Minister of Health, Emilio Santellisses, The PrEP tablet is part of a new anti-HIV / AIDS response plan and will be used as a preventive treatment for highly-risky groups.

How does this work?

According to the United States Disease Prevention and Prevention Center (CDC), if PrEP is accepted on a daily basis, you Reduced by 90% Opportunity to make a 70% contract with a sexually transmitted AIDS virus or a few people using sterile or use needles.

PrEP contains эмитицитабин and onofovir, both of which are used in the antiretrovirus as they reduce the amount of blood in the blood and prevent its proliferation.

The tablet does not work as a vaccine, as it does not cause antibodies, and should be taken everyday to prevent the prevention of HIV in the body, in which the iodine in the blood and onofovir should be prevented.

Before entering it, you should check the good condition of your kidneys and liver because the tablets may cause damage to these organs.

Additional Information

The US pharmaceutical company Gilead Science in 2012 has received the name of this marketing marketing brand In the trout. The commercial cost of monthly treatment is estimated at $ 600.

A few years later, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that HIV be avoided among high-risk groups, such as sex workers or couples of infected patients.


By referring to Onusida 2017, Chile has 67,000 people infected with HIV, of whom 39,001 are being treated, and the hypothesis has reached 100,000 by the end of this year.

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