Saturday , January 28 2023

Colón-Estudiantes, unstable collisions: time, television and formation


All the sources are in the Superfinal Division for Copa Libertadores between boxing and rivers, though the Superleague operates. According to the date 12, two uninterrupted journeys can be measured in the grave of Elephant. Columbus accepts students.

Last season, Sabalero did not find the current routes and 13 wins have to be won. Eduardo Domingos is going to put a stop on the field that is equal to the center.

La Plata, on the other hand, gets a lot more from the opponents and is in the center of the table. Leandro Benitess ratifies the trust of 11 people who destroy the river.

Columbus: Leonardo Burjan; Gustavo Toledo, Guillermo Ortiz, Emanuel Olivera, Gonzalo Escobar; Franco Zuculini, Matias Frixler, Marcelo Estigravia; Leonardo Heredia, Joaquin Correa and Tomás Chancalay. DTEduardo Domínguez.

Students: Mariano Enuar; Lucinda Sanchez, Jonathan Shunde, Fabian Noger, Ivan Erquia; Rodrigo Branca, Ivan Gomes; Fernando Zuuki, Gaston Fernandez, Lucas Rodriguez; and Mariano Pavon. DT: Leandro Benítez.

Stadium: Brigadier Estanislav Lopez (Elephant Cemetery)
Referee: Fernando Espinoza
Time: 20.30
Television: TNT Sports

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