Saturday , June 3 2023

Confirmed the availability of liquid water to Mars


Improved water quality for Mars Experts discovered a problem when looking for hydrated perchlor on Mars maps.

Caltech scientists (USA) mistakenly detected the presence of hydrated salts on the red planet as the Mars Articulator did not properly process the data from the interplanetary station Orbiter. Thus, predicting the existence of water on some of the planet 's previously virtually dry and lifeless places.

Experts discovered a problem when looking for Hydrochloride on Mars maps, based on information obtained from visible and close infrared radiation (CRISM) spectrometers. Chloroform reduces the freezing point of water at 80 degrees Celsius, which allows the presence of liquid water in the atmosphere. Marx's perchlorates are also known to be due to the Phoenix spacecraft and the Curiosity Rover, which fall into the surface of the planet.

The presence of minerals in Mars shows that the wavelengths on the surface of the planet vary widely. Chemicals absorb special light and light. However, the CRISM camera is always inaccurate and determines the resulting light spots. Algorithms for correcting such errors, sometimes make the same wavelength oscillations as perchlorates in spectra. Scientists wrote an algorithm that allows you to define the maps of smaller deposits of pyrichlorates, and the program has identified the most common salts on Mars, including their appearance.

Nowadays scientists work more accurately to recognize not only spectral data, but also perchlorate. According to researchers, Marx has a porcelain which still exists, but found that it was much more difficult than before.

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