Monday , June 5 2023

Cordoba: Manufacturers of transformers have created a cluster for attraction of investments and doubling production


In the city of Cordoba, companies producing transmission units, have established a cluster to supply Volkswagen and Fiat factories in this region. industry development, attraction of investments and development of double industry parts.

Cluster Replacement Certificates, this group was baptized Twenty-two interconnected companiesThe Civil Center at the Government of Cordoba, the industry secretary, Fernando Grasso, and Industry Minister Roberto Laval.

According to official estimates, The cluster employs 2300 direct and 8000 indirect functions. They are mostly suppliers of Corso Industrial Center "Volkswagen Argentina", which produces MQ-250 and MQ-200. Also supplies the Fiat factory in Ferreira.

At the moment, the entire chain of values ​​makes about 700,000 annually the installed capacity reaches one and a half million units. They believe that cluster configurations in the sector can make production copies. This reduces constant costs.

"This idea is to enhance Mexico's experience in unifying the cluster of cars Looking for investment in the country as the Latin American market has now led it to Brazil, "said Catalina Pedrozo, the coordinator of the new cluster of El Cronista.

In the last four months due to the decline in domestic demand and the increase in interest rates, production at the machine factories was uninterrupted.

In this regard, packaging vendors have "created clusters" to terminate investments in Argentina and Argentina There may be more transmissions in our country, and we know how to do it"says Pablo Albert, General Manager of Fundición Arte.

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