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Currently, UniCABA is approved: 5 key to understand the project


After one year of discussions, claims and changes, the formation of UniCABA is now being formed. With its automated majority of its 34 legislators, the governing party will make a law project in Buenos Aires law.

Hopefully, the horrors come in the middle of the climate. The legislative body of Buenos Aires has been surrounded since yesterday. Teachers are expecting on Tuesday, and will be protesting on Thursday the unanimity of university students, secondary schools, teachers, and trade unions calling for strikes.

Last Friday was the beginning of the meeting. An opinion was reached on the discussion of the project on the fight against Vamos Juntos lawyers, insulting and aggression. It is added to the refusal of a good part of the opposition education community, Looking for tomorrow's session for treatment of UniCABA, other educational projects, but can not reach quorum.

Soledad Acuña, Education Minister of Buenos Aires, rejects general rejection. "I do not want to say in general, I do not know what we heard here – loudly speaking, the voices of those who are violent, and that the education community opposes it. Individuals, many students and teachers benefit from the project, but do not feel in space to express themselves. The idea is authoritarian, "he said Infobae.

The original project, which was presented on November 22, 2017, was re-established. In September this year, the government of Buenos Aires raised a new version of the law "On formation of the education system and creation of the independent city of Buenos Aires".

The first project offered automatic distribution of 29 public departments of the city and its transfer to the university. The second version has changed the most controversial point: now it is planning to live between the third and third UniCABA.

However, it is important to reject the good part of the education community. "The second project leads to the slow death of life, which is the unity of life, which are not financed and emerged as an auditor, "the CESGE statement said.

After the approval of the law, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education will play a role in regulating teacher training. It will be responsible for the institutional assessment of every teacher and assistance in self-assessment. Based on this, its officials are considering and adapting proposals on "continuity of students' continuity" in accordance with their needs in educational institutions.

Maximiliano Ferrario, lawyer Vámos Junos and the president of the educational commission said: "The goal is not to close institutions. The evaluation will be effective and a plan for improvement between the Ministry and the teaching staff will be presented.. Funny thing, when we talk about rating, we start with the assumption that it will be bad. If they are given good things?

Teachers are required to provide information even though they are not mistaken for this price. Otherwise, they will be warned that they will be fined. They also ask for a conversation with the cycle of replication of the university, exchange of students and research propaganda.

2) Guarantee of good teachers?

There are few conversations, but this is the main point of the problem. Obviously, it links the university with good teachers, and many researchers have questioned it. During the discussion, the university system insisted that it would not be sufficient study to say that the best teachers were guaranteed higher levels.

In this regard, Acuña said: "There is not much of a teacher's assessment, but if you measure something in the class, there is a strong truth. In all the countries where the PISA rating is the top 10, there is university education. One of the best provinces in Argentina – La Pampa, mostly university students. I do not say that they are good, but we have a new institutional design that allows us to have a profile of different teachers. "

To start from the beginning, The evidence of the Executive Body of Buenos Aires is the hierarchy of education. "Teaching new teachers in the education system," they said. To this end, they assure that the rates will pass through an "innovative" model through interdisciplinary work, virtual integration, technology use and social and emotional skills.

3) involvement of youth

Buenos Aires is a special place. In spite of the fact that in the rest of the country, even in large numbers, There are no teachers in town. According to official data, numbers vary, but this figure is between 400 and 500 entries. This year, the government of Buenos Aires needed an invitation to internal and foreign educators; Unpublished event.

The free university offers a variety of options from Buenos Aires, which they believe. Part of the project is based on the idea of ​​creating a repairs project involving high school graduates hoping that the pedagogical university will see a good vision.

Other duplication of the project is the budget. It is stated in the UNCABA 2019 budget, but does not indicate what match it matches. "If there were only one item in the original offer, they told me where they got the money. We did not agree, but now we do not know before leaving institutions. Apart from the diagnostic test, this is a "nonresponsive responsibility", Leonardo Halperin, Evolución legislator, told the media.

They say this in the administration of Buenos Aires "The university has no budget for 2019 because it will start functioning only in 2020". In periods established by law on higher education, they believe that the University Policy Secretariat and the CONEAU require accreditation as well as institutional project organization. Similarly, once it comes into force, they assert that they "do not finance institutions."

5) Not only teachers

Reconstruction of the project, in addition to teaching the teachers, also includes a career in the university. In conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, they work to identify vacancies for career promotion related to product needs of the Federal capital.

After the vote, the institutional project is defined. On his behalf, he will become the organizing director – "the best woman in the world" – who will be appointed?or they determine the academic proposal, operational and personnel status. The accreditation process lasts for one year, while the assessment of teachers takes place in the middle.

Then, as in any university, the school will have academic and institutional autonomy and economic, financial and administrative authorizations.

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