Saturday , June 19 2021

Cynthia Fernandez transformed to Polina and moved to rescue: "I feel a little better with my heart"

Participant Related He pointed out the fight with the jury on the previous day and how they had achieved peace.

Comparison of Singh Fernandez and Marcelo Polino after Bailando-2019 Fight

After the storm calmed down Cinthia Fernández and Marcelo Polino. After a severe blow Dancingwhen he asked for "informalization" about "folklore" he called it "almost unknowingly", and the jury and the media reported on how to deal with them again.

Polino: "People who were looking for me started asking them to bring their daughters to the night at night. Those who loved him told me that he did not respect him, although he said that I was indifferent. we know each other, we talk outside the air, we love each other, and that's obvious. "

"I was acquainted with the level of women I did not want to see. They spoke to me insecure, arrogant and misleading words, "said Cynthia, about the time she was in the past.

Then Polino released her: "I've known him for a long time and he was a very delicate satellite in social networks. People who followed me started questioning me about bringing her with her daughters at 11 o'clock at night. Those who loved him told me that he was "indifferent" but did not respect him. "We know each other, we speak outside the air, we love each other and it's clear," said the driver. Show experts.

However, Cinthia replied again Dancing, but this time they were tears of joy. Because? The jury was the first in the folklore clause. "Today is a difficult day for me. This is a good thing to do. Today I'm getting a little better with my heart, "she said, feeling sensual and smiling.

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