Saturday , June 19 2021

Determination of the anemia by means of the application

(EFE) .- Cell phones that are becoming more and more important in our lives now are used to detect hemoglobin levels of anemia with a simple photo of nails, and still with the help of a new application. today is nature.

A new tool developed at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, can replace traditional in situ blood tests that are currently needed to diagnose and control anemic patients.

This type of evidence is reminiscent of authors, requires specialized materials, is invasive, and its effectiveness is largely dependent on the available economic resources that cause problems in rural or poorer areas. over 2 billion people worldwide.

To overcome these barriers, the project's chief expert, Wilbur Lam and his colleagues make an algorithm to calculate the hemoglobin concentration in the blood and analyze the color and technical data of the nail mats.

Users can download an application that runs the aforementioned algorithm on said smartphones or any other mobile device.

Scientists at the University of Emory have tested this device for one hundred people and found that hemoglobin concentrations can be compared with current methods for anemia detection.

At the additional test that involved four participants, the patient demonstrated an additional level of accuracy when used for supervision.

This tool simplifies the diagnosis of anemia in the absence of specialized equipment and trained staff, and their sufferers allow the hemoglobin to be administered remotely for less than a minute.

At present, they are needed, clinical trials need to be made to confirm their sophisticated samples of the population, after the traditional blood transfusion analysis. EFE

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