Tuesday , August 16 2022

Diego Barrison, the deadliest player of Lanus, was in trouble


On July 28, 2015, Diego Barison He was on the way to Buenos Aires, on the way to Rosario Santa Fe, in a traffic accident. More than three years after his death, a police officer was investigated, kidnapped, and even responsible for the player's body image damage.

The secret report led to a raid at a home-run and at the Coronado radio-electronic command. There were weapons, narcotics and several cell phones: one of them belonged to a football player. They do not exclude theft of the device and other items after they collide with the machine and its vehicle. The money was arrested and examined by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The test will be evaluated to determine if your camera shot the Barisone photos. Security Force Advisor Ricardo Giusepponi has been cautious about the "massive investigation" of the local media. That is why nine other police officers have "reached out".

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