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Dispute over winners of harvesting campaign: Copies to Philippine artists – 22.11.18


"Plagiarism," says Cuyo National University design team, Winner of the 2019 poster harvest festival, Who found that it was the same as the philippine goddess he posted in Instagram. A few hours before and before the excitement paper The jury chose Mendoza Remove the prize and apply disqualification three designers who can not participate in other contests of the Ministry of Culture. The prize will be awarded to the team that takes the second place.

Starting in the middle of a few seconds rough imitation artist John Ed de Vera (@battery_full), an anime character with a woman with violet hair, from virginal to mobile phones to many people. It was shared by students, teachers, journalists, officials and even received the jury's jury, noting that it was similar to the Phillipine work and chose it as the "original" of the posters.

On Wednesday, Vendimia's graphic prize winners were made by Pablo Miguel Morales, Daniel Frederico Bordon and Juan Pablo Enigina, under the pope. They will charge 120,000 pesos and their poster will be used in various advertising campaigns and all trades at the harvesting festival. March 9 in Mendoza. "We try to do what we have never seen before, and everyone likes it (as much as possible) because Veny is ours. In an interview with Los Angeles, the authors of the poster explained that we use papercutical technique, which consists of pliers and allows them to combine each other. At night his wife fell.

The Plagiarism Challenge (Los Andes) won the contest for the final festivals,

The Plagiarism Challenge (Los Andes) won the contest for the final festivals,

Plagiarized comments on the materials in the multimedia interviews, on local radio and on social networks for "mems" in the morning. "Plagiarism is proven, so we decided disqualification of designers"The Chairperson of the jury, Mendoza's Government, spoke to Carolyn Claudia. He said that this decision was sanctioned by the authorities responsible for plagiarism in other provinces, but it has not been determined yet.

"He has won the original never used equipment in this case, but not all estimates it does not matter anymoresaid Clavijo. He also explained why the jury did not check the origin of the work: "To participate in the competition: a Participant's oath this work is original and authentic. We can not know what all the artists in the world are. We believe in the good faith of the participants«

The chairman of the jury admitted that the plagiarism would be a warning when the comparison of the pictures in the social network: "I want to emphasize the speed of the jury (no more than 2 hours) in solving this issue," he said. And he reaffirmed his choice of the second variant.

John Ed de Vera to surprise his copy of his Instagram account (Los Andes)

John Ed de Vera to surprise his copy of his Instagram account (Los Andes)

Victim John Ed de Vera used his Instagram report (@battery_full) he was amazed at its copy, without authorization: "This morning, I found a large number of messages from different people alerting the poster on one of the biggest parties in the province of Mendoza, the National Assembly Festival. I want to say that creators they did not ask for permission you can use my work as a reference. «

The painter asked for sanctions: "I hope this situation can be very painful, and I hope that we can do the right thing by applying plagiarism to the organizers." And he describes in detail the deception: "Obviously, the image of a woman in posters is very similar one of the paper clips made a year ago. Poster visualization and artistic directions are very similar to the marathon poster two years ago. Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern.

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