Sunday , June 20 2021

During the holiday a simple cat pushes

A British tourist died after jerky cats and health authorities in the United Kingdom announced on Monday the vacations in Morocco

No detailed information was available, but the public was certain that there would be no danger. He said that healthcare workers and deaths were closely linked to and presented to them vaccination when needed

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I understand this is a person who has been in contact with the cat and wants to pay attention, I believe in Morocco and the UK, but unfortunately he did not get a vaccine until it was too late. In my opinion, a few weeks ago, this cat was a woman, said Jimmy Whitworth, an international health professor.

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He said that symptoms usually within two to three months, but can survive within a week. "That is why vaccination is very important immediately"he said. "In this tragic event, human beings did not receive a vaccine."

Given the shortage of information, Whitworth explained that the delay was in the United Kingdom or Morocco, but explained the importance of health professionals about the possibility of the disease.

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There are no cases of documented cases spreading directly to witnesses. In the United Kingdom, the disease is not spread in wild or domestic animals, but some types of explosives can carry a virus similar to kitens.

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