Friday , June 9 2023

Dyeing the country with "blue and gold" in the pre-super cup


Nothing. Within two days, the river and the boxes meet in Monumental for the Silverball Superior Superfinal Review and define the best continental team.

Only locals can take part in this area, so Xeneize can support them with players' support. The first big step will be seen in the second half of the day. From the age of 18, Ribeiro is practicing in open doors at Bombonera. A full stadium is expected because non-participating fans can attend and can not afford to spend every weekend.

For their part, fans began to invite them on the doorstep on Saturday, where they concentrated on Guillermo Barros Shelotto's leadership. Through the social networks, the slogan of the Hennesses across the country began. "House, Boston, the flag," says, all the fans of the city are calling for a flag on the balcony in a super-hot day.

Migration of Boca fans to the country.
Migration of Boca fans to the country.

Many fans joined and started sharing the photos on social networks.

The big final will be held on Saturday at 17 stadiums. Series 2-2 (does not fulfill the "purpose of the visitor"). The winner will be the winner. If they have a link, they will last a long time and if they are equal, they will be fined.

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