Friday , May 14 2021

Eduardo Fainman tested the Actrices Team and marked the opportunists

Journalist Eduardo Fainmen has harshly criticized the Actrices Staff.

After the conference, she filed a complaint for violating the Thelma Fardin magazine organized by the Actress team Eduardo Feinman Sharing his opinions on the actress's actions, he again disputed.

The journalist criticized the "Actresses Team" in A 24, which in some ways dealt with the opportunists. "I do not like tragedy to bring water to the political and private factories," he said.

"I support the demands of all women, but I am not following abortion actresses. At the conference, they enjoyed silence. In my opinion, they had a show of grief at a young woman who was on the verge of the stage, and she suffered a bit of laugh and singing an abortive song. Many noise-producing scenes are "closed Eduardo Feinman.

"It was not magic, it was a mafia." Eduardo Fiarnmann's Agustín Rossi strongly responded to his daughter

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