Tuesday , August 16 2022

Elon Mus: You can change 80 hours a week in the world


MIMAMI (November 27): CEO of Tesla, Elon Muss, says: "It knows how many hours a week a week can be done to change the world.

"The job is easy, but no one has ever changed the world for 40 hours," he said after saying SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company and Neuralink.

Whenever you ask how many hours a week a user needs to spend per day to change the world, he considers 80 to be a constant number with a peak value of 100.

"The pain level is above 80," he warned.

Commentary A day after the interview with Mask in Hospitalie, Tesla went for a three-hour sedan production and came in a few weeks due to her endearing efforts.

"The company has made money as fools, and if we do not solve these problems in a short time, we will die."

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