Monday , September 27 2021

Fabin Cubero was with her daughters to see Mica Viciconte in Mar del Plata

Micaela Viciconte and Fabin Cubero They started romantic stories in the middle of last year, but they justified their novels in March of this year. Since then, all together! They support one another, even if they are welcomed into something, but do not interfere with one another. For example, Fabin Bailando took part in the Banya 2018 night, and now she has come to the debut of Mar del Plata with her brides!

Last night, the onion was photographed at Atlas Theater Mica Scenarios will be part of the show, the love of magazine, Carmen Barbieri, Santiado Bal and Federico. Cubero took the little ones: Indiana, Allegra and Siena (the fruits of their relationship with Nicole Neumann) lace

According to rumors, the girls encouraged their father's friend. At the end of the season, the footballer and his daughters went to the coffin to congratulate swimmer for its new role. There they got a good picture. And, again, a smile on the picture! This is another proof of the stability of the relationship.

Despite all the meditations that were made by the Captain, his friend and his ex-girlfriend, Wes had seemed to have had a good relationship with her. Viciconte. At any time, they share the same moments as restaurants or their cinemas – each one is very happy and good in the environment.

Former dance participantAt the beginning of their relationship, he explained: "I'm never young, but when I'm with someone, I am ready to give everything. We were very easy with Fabin, first we were friends, everything was fine. Initially, I was expelled because I did not want to be with a celebrity, I was not a football player: as a botinic marker or a photographer I was persecuted. But he teaches me to relax and have fun. "

Together with her daughters, Mickey Wikicont received a magazine

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