Saturday , June 3 2023

Featured video: nobody notices the kidnapping of the great speaker – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


When a Torkan shopkeeper committed a grave crime, the criminals stole a huge silence without dwelling on a group of people. They had to look at security cameras to see how they took the story.

The attack on Tuesday night looks like a young man and another large man looks at a stained glass window, and then the old man enters the house, and then the second one takes him away.

As the store owner Maria del Vallé Torrance discovered, when she entered the house, one of them was removed, and then the staff was disturbed and asked about different products.

He said, "When the servant goes downstairs, the youngest comes and brings it out," he said.

La Gacete explains to the woman that the stolen products are made up of 10,000 pesos. "They are asking for camera reports in the block to see what they are already driving, and the brigade is interfering," he explained.

Victims who had social networking and contact with other merchants had a history of such incidents.

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