Wednesday , June 23 2021

Fernando Dente: "I am proud of myself, I'm proud of myself"

Through the social networks, actor Fernando Dante said he was gay, and he is "very proud".

"I still think that explaining some things is absurd, but I'm a little embarrassed about what I'm looking for as a person, and I want to" deviate "what I like to like. actor

Many years ago, my sexuality was not the subject of my life. In some cases, especially when I was a child, I was "frustrated in my life" (in my family, on television, in magazines, etc.). I am honest with my personal feelings, I have never lied in my private life, or there is no similarity to the subject. But in the public sphere this has not always been. I still think that it is absolute to go and to explain certain things (nobody is going to explain that heterosexuality), and I deny this truth, and I like one of the things that determines me as a person. I like Argentine, English or Mexican. I will always be in my privacy, or on my four walls, and, of course, stay on the left because I want to live. But it's just a matter of catching some of the people there. Today, when I have nothing to protect or protect my sexuality, I also make noise. If you do not understand: I am gay !!! I think all already know and if not, now they know it! I am proud of who I am, because it is the result of my feeling and my desire. I do not know if it will be published for the last time, but I'm sure it's the first! I think I've made a great move for myself, so thank you for being a part of me. I dedicate this post to 10-year-old Fergus, who has failed, regretted and misunderstood. Here we are our son! Whoever we are, we are happy, but also as debt.

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"I think everyone knows and now knows, and now I know it, I am proud, because it's the result of my feeling and my desires, and I think I'll make a good move, so it's possible to split up in any way" "said Dante, and then finished his text in a very emotional state.

Fernando Denté and Cils

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