Sunday , August 14 2022

Flor van Vigna because of Lorita Fernandez's dance failure: "We came to Fede's last day"


The jury shot the actress My brother is a clone, noting that he was not loyal to the program Marcelo Tinelli

Florian Viaja is a dance of Lorita Fernandez's dance

Not Important. «Shame» Marcelo Tinelli a Vigna flower, She was a two-time champion for dancing Lorita Fernandez she sticks to my uncle's actress and strongly announces her romantic scene with her boyfriend, Nicolás Cabré

"Girl, I do not want to say his name, is he an invisible champion who is present at the contest?" He asked. Mery del Serro, An actress who replaced Vina. But his partner, Faku Mazzai, said, "The champions are not always coming."

"(Together with Fede), at least for the last day, has come three years," said Lorita, who lost her.

Tinelli says: "They always attend and participate all the time.. Pedro (Alfonso) He was injured and came several times. Champions are always on their way. He has to come and do not come. "

Be careful about emptying, and after consultation with this job Fede Bal, Lauretta has succeeded in smiling Flor: "At least we have been in the last three years," says the jury, leaving the shine twice as bright as ever.

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