Saturday , January 28 2023

Following Fabian Rossi, Ilya Kalabrova's response acknowledged the two-sided life of Panama


On Wednesday, Fabian Rossi He was certified by the Federal Criminal Court on Criminal Cases at 4 and his certified center was established with his family Iliana CalabróHe was with her father Nicholas and Stephan. The accountant was honest with the judge: "I had children in Panama, I had a wife and I had a bank account."

For example, a journalist Los Angeles de la Maanaña She consulted with Elijah about the discovery of her former husband. "I heard about it. I would like to ask you what to ask not to name your children, not to chat with their parents. So I do not want anything, "he said gently. Regarding Rosie's three-hour statement, Calabro said: "I know that he apologized, if he wanted me, it was good. five years ago. «

Then Yuliana forgave her for betraying Fabian and said, "I do not want to see her." Finally, Iliana Calabró he settled the court Fabian Rossi, He repeatedly said, "He does what he wants, but it would be better for me to allow … It bothered me, he brought me out and he would bring me out. Later, you, journalists, ask me and it's very difficult. If it's generating it, I'm going to keep talking, and now, hopefully, I will continue to talk to my children and not just because I promised my children. "

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Former her husband, Iyana Calabró Fabian, acknowledged that Russia is one more family in Panama

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