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The judge predicts that the crime of the former president, like Nestor, is the deception of the state, in other words. Then he sent all the people to the test, except for it.


Salvador Dali's "Story of Strength".

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Ignacio Hintermeister

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Lazaro Bez, his four children, Leonardo Fara, Federico Elascar and 18 other defendants, go to court in the so-called "K" money laundering case. But federal judge Sebastian Casanello is "lacking in labor," that is, there is no evidence to accuse him of the former president and current senator Christina Kirchner.

For her, in the worst case, Kristina takes time with this decision. To understand: Karot Benem was justified by the bombing of a bombing in Rio de Janeiro for arms smuggling to Croatia and Ecuador, as 23 years later, that same justice, former president and current Peronist senator, neoliberal and Kirchner, were not convicted of a "reasonable time".

Is not one more complicated now? Casanello had to be governed by the Federal Chambers three times – before asking about Kristina – nothing for so-called turtle. The clock works. Here's a million dollars in La Rosadita in the TV section that is part of an abusive silver scheme that abandons the national government and ends at companies close to the Kirchner family. All confirmed.

In fact, Casanello did not find evidence of a crime. According to the judge, the current senator was not involved in legalization, and in any case the "major offense" – the allegation that the state was fraudulent by Nestor and Christine's presidents in another court file, according to which it was not mandatory. Who is your position … sir? No, sir! this is another judge.

"Investigation should be continued," wrote Casanello, telling her to spend less time proving arguments. Judge's logic admits Leonardo Faraina's Lazaro Bez Boss. And Nestor's friend does not say that he is Christina's boss. Even the dead president acknowledged that he was the owner of Australian designers. But, of course, the dead are Comodoro Py, but procedural moments are similar to eternity.

Do not steal your legacy? Casanello does not know that Bas's cleansing has ended up in Christina's property. But the complaint and the prosecutor's office do not think about it. Here's another complaint. A reasonable time clock.

In Hotesur and Los Sauces, there is money as a renter to Kirchner Hotels in Lazaro; businessman Christina and her children hire a millionaire to the needy. But this is still another problem, because Báez financed "cash" in boxes placed in Christina's pocket, in Melbourne, or in Florence.

Casanello is right, you will not be able to track the ship's footprint later.

U $ 60 million washing up

Kazanello on September 18, after a national judge, Martin Irrons, and the Federal Chancellor Rafael Llorens ordered the national senator to publish Komodoro Pi. Nevertheless, the judge refused to cite the orders despite the fact that, due to prosecutors Guillermo-Mariuan and former President of the Anti-Corruption Office, Bazaar, an investigation into such allegations of fraud in public works,

Judges Llorens and Irrousn, on the other hand, believed that there were elements that could be invoked to investigate, since the businessman Lazaro Baez did not consider his wealth as his real owner.

The owner of Australian Constructor was arrested in April 2016 after watching the video of La Rozadiet, his son Martin and others counted as a few million dollars.

For judges "The existence of a well-structured structure has been proven enough, from 2010 to 2013, when it was financed by means of illegal means, which allowed the export of about sixty million dollars. Apart from purchasing goods and services, partly repatriation of thirty-two million of these currencies, accounted for at Construcciones SA in Australia.

Casanello is now dependent on the "local and international levels", in particular, on the co-operation of States that "have not yet submitted all the required information".

"Cristina Elizabeth Fernández is not inadequate to prosecute or dismiss the arrests of the case," wrote a correctional and criminal judge.

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