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French fries and the best harvest are Steppe


The new drought-resistant HB4 wheat and Promenens herbicides were presented on the Steppe's Day. This is the joint development of Biochemists, who contributed to the biotechnological event and the genetics of Florimond Desprez. All part of the discovery led by Dr. Rakel Chan, UNL-Conicet's scientists.

Drought and salt-resistant wheat is a reality, as well as discovery and development in Argentina. It is a great example of public-private synergy to give positive results because it originates from a study by Dr. Rakel Chan of the National University of Licral and the University of Connecticut and has been crystallized by the development of biochemistry.

Specifically, it is a joint venture created by Trigall Genetics, the Bioceres and the French farm, Florimond Despres, to develop and commercialize the wheat varieties of biotechnology in South America.

In the cities of Alto Alegre, Arias, Cordoba and Buenos Aires, conferences were held in Pergamino, Bordeaux, and Balcaré to help producers and consultants to demonstrate technology and visualize differences in this area. Matthus Ruffo, Manager of Production Products and Technology, appreciated the importance of the meeting and the good reception of the assistants. "In the trials, manufacturers have clearly demonstrated the large size and size of the HB4 wheat ear and the weed control, which clearly demonstrates the attributes of technology that have endurance to drought and herbicide."

Rufo also recommends this tool "tolerance to drought, to improve productivity due to what has never been seen in wheat farming, and on the other hand, to control weeds in plant breeding, where glyphosate and tolerance to other herbicides such as 2-4 g grow."

The most problematic, Ruffo popular rye grass, fatwa and oatmeal. A gene that provides drought resistance to wheat is of sunflower and changes the plant's functionality and ensures tolerance in the conditions of drought.

Rufo says "sunflower and wheat can not be crossed, because we used biotechnology to bring this gene from sunflower to wheat," and added data from the field.

"We measured the average performance from 20% in the case of medium voltage water stress tests from 2009 to 2016." On the other hand, the technician has shown that in the climatic conditions, HB4 does not adversely affect crops.
At the country level, the drought is estimated to be around 40% depending on the cycle's severity due to the average cycles. To cover this range of performance, the company develops HB4 varieties in a complete breeding program that includes varieties of short, intermediate and long cycles.

"In our opinion, this impact will be in the whole region of the wheat, as there are no high levels of drought in areas with high crop yields, although tension in water can lead to a small amount of yield, but for many kilograms the potential of the district is 6% for wheat wheat by less than 8% it is an important economic value, "Rufo said.


The company is already expanding seeds that it can offer to growers. On the other hand, Prominens herbicides produced by Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas Coop. Ltda (ACA) has recently been registered for use in the HB4 wheat varieties.

Technologies expect final approval from prepared and local regulators.

It should be noted that Bioceres S.A. is a provider of complex solutions for crop productivity, including seeds, breeding changes with new genetic characteristics, seed treatment, biological products, high value adjuvants and micro-fertilizer fertilizers.

The company is recognized all over the world for development and correction of the first slaughtered tuberculosis. Its headquarters and major biochemical surgeries are one of the world's largest markets for genetically modified crops in Argentina, its main markets and at the same time. In turn, the French group Florimond Desprez produces and produces seeds to meet the demand of different cultures producers.

The sugar beet, one of the largest groats in the seed industry, is one of the key players in the seed industry as well as the European seed potato market.

In 65 countries, the group conducts research on 15% of the turnover and has 1060 employees.

Integra software

At the same time, it is a great equation for the campaign to adapt to the best of the plant using investment in high quality products and to provide climatic coverage that supports the investment. More than 1800 manufacturers from eight regions and $ 150 million are included in this integration program. She realized that she had more peso support.

Four years ago, the program had the ability to bring together producers during the production process, and because of this, the expected results during the campaign were not linked to climatic conditions. Over these years, he has adapted itself to meet the needs of manufacturers. It is the producer of Entre Ríos Claudio Fontaine.

"In the past three years, I have analyzed the vulnerability of the weather, how I achieved this program, everything else, I did not expect, but the result was surprising, worthy of joining, and I think this is a good tool during the new campaign.

FONTANA is a producer of soy and corn in Entre Ríos, and the program has recovered a portion of the investment that was made during the recent campaign. Proximity to the manufacturer and new solutions are one of the main objectives of the Syngenta Initiative.

"The program is a result of a dialogue with manufacturers, we have understood that they need them, and have developed a program that gives specific solutions to climate issues, and the result is its effectiveness," explains Fabian Quiroga, marketing director.


Finding an alternative to achieving more peace in uncertainty is the key to Catalunya Province producer Analola Pantanak.

"In recent years, I have looked for alternatives to climate-related activities and how I came to the program, and it's quiet to find out if these tools have real results." In this new campaign, manufacturers will be upgraded alternatively, offering efficient solutions.

Leticia Benvenuto, Commercial Solutions Officer, explains: "This year we have an improved, clear and simple offer. With new tools such as AgriClime, the amount of rainfall in the area of ​​the program 25 will be more accurate compared to the accuracy offered through weather stations, and this year producers can register online and track their development. "

Benvenuto stated: "If during the period of rainfall in your region the rain is below the set limit set at the start of the campaign, it will return up to 40% of its purchased products"

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