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G20 summit: crossings on Thursday and closing the highway – Thursday 28/28/2018


The G20 Leaders Summit He began to feel in the city. On Thursday, complications are expected to be even higher. Scheduled covers will be added Abbreviations on the roads to Barcelona, ​​such as Barcelona and 25 Mayo. Also, it can not be circulated through it July 9Friday and Saturday are expected to continue until Thursday, which is not an additional celebration.

On Dellebiane and 25 Mayo highways, in the central sense, this Thursday is from 8.30 to 11.30 on Thursday. The situation is repeated from 6:30 to 9pm in the afternoon. Limitations are exempt from circling groups Dellepiane terminal.

C On July 9th, at Julio Avenue The intersection will be at the central strips in the north, from 8:30 to 11.30 on Thursday and from 19 onwards. Friday will be repeated from 6 to 9 pm. This slot does not work until July 9, Friday, or Saturday.

The horizontal is cut only when the capsule passes.

Also on Thursday, Ilio, Lugones and Cantilo, along with the 9th Julio and Parque Norte / Ciudad University publicly joined.

The city will be available on Thursdays and Saturdays, and on December 1st, until 22nd.

And in the hands of the province on Thursday from 21 to Saturday, and on December 1st, at 22. Additionally, on Thursday 15th Sarmíndo and North Park / University camp will be closed.

This is the arrival of a delegation of the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman complications and delays. The entrance is broken by Ezizah. There were also amazing courts for delegation to the center of the city.

It is expected that Wednesday will be repeated on Wednesday, but on Thursday it will be planned abbreviations as well as limitations to the passage of committees.

The difficulties are not a holiday, but they are added to it. It also says that employees can go back home every day at the offices of the state, in the city, and at the national level.

However, as it does not have a holiday on a Friday, the private sector works normally, so there are thousands of people who can mobilize in the city and already have restrictions and restrictions.

In the afternoon after 15, the H and B subway will have limited access.

The B strip between stations is a limited service between Juan Manuel de Rosas and Carlos Pellegrini.

And line H. There is limited service between hospitals and Santa Fe stations starting from 15th and Thursday.

Six lines and Premetro full service Friday and Saturday will be completely paralyzed, like the capital trains. If the teams work, they are damaging to pieces.

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