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Girl: vaccination ends next Friday


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 20:14

On Friday, the national vaccination campaign against measles, rubella and CRS (Congenital Rubella Syndrome) will be completed and the Ministry of Health will try to improve the coverage of children aged 13 months and 4 years.

«Freelubrication ends in the 30s. We work intensively. We are already vaccinating 92,000 children from 13 months to 4 years. This week, people have been vaccinated intensively in areas where their children should go. We need people, especially those who are still sowing in Astana, Dr. Ricardo Cortez, Head of Immigration Department,

The specialist explained: "The coverage of coverage in all campaigns has been analyzed. In this case, they have vaccinated provinces and have other destinations that go from home to home or other educational institutions. "

He noted that there are about 16,000 children who have not yet received the dose. Taking into account the panoramic situation, he has been working intensively in all areas of the region, and children are looking for a name.

Capital, Villa Mariano Moreno, Tafí Viejo and Yerba Buena, Banda del Río Salí – large conglomerates with a large number of vaccinated children
said Cortez, so they continue to work there.

The doctor «Each vaccine should use an additional dose as it does not respond to the first dose and has a group of measles. «

She also remembered Vaccination is mandatory, It does not require medical treatment and you can go to any vaccine, lid or hospitals in the province.

Cortes announced that he would still be able to analyze the dose for working on those conditions only after the campaign was completed.

Source: https://lv12.com.ar/nota/50669/finaliza-la-campana-de-vacunacion-contra-el-sarampion-y-todavia-hay-16-mil-ninos-sin-la-dosis


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