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Gonzalo "Deplorable" Martinez, Argentine player: the history of a football record that likes river lovers

Gonzalo Martinez He runs away, drags the fingers of his left hand into the mouth and turns to the fans in Monumenttal, after turning to true Purpose Kilens. Imagine the awesome result of these events between February 8, 2016 and a few "Disgusting" and "Millionaire" fans.

This was not the case with football players and was not in the public relations with Nunes. On the contrary, it is not a matter of deepening his or her own human rights challenges. These complaints, which came down the stands and denied the soccer level, were reversed his attitude toward rivalry.

However, something started at the playground. The angle of the Belgian bombs (the first day of the second half of the day) was won by El Cervuerero 5: 1 The first look "look" can be a figure and a reference set Marcelo Gallardo.

The river trainer was not a fundamental factor in the change of Mendoza. It seems that in his cycle it can produce the best of many players, "El Muñeco" uses its knowledge to maximize the potential of Hurricane. Although these skills often have doubts, the trainer always knew about his or her potential.

Gonzalo Nicholas Martinez came to the river in January 2015 and came to $ 4.5 million for 75 percent. At that time, the river was a "corrupt boy" Leonardo Piskurici. The quality and main goals of former Argentine teenagers have become "unfortunately" a figure, which has also been presented as a good letter of recommendation.

The former player of Globo is worthy of the first days of the Núñez cinema. Their attempts were untrustworthy Attacking Tomas Adolfo Duco, he is often attacked by his opponents: he could not compete with rival defenders and form associations with his team.

When it was 2016 football transformation process. Gallardo became the craftsman of the new player, who was called "El Pora." The trainer has not only proven his beliefs but also teaches the team what they need. «DT it helped me a lot, for me it was not easy for a bank, he saw that I would refuse immediately, "the player said in the final interview.

Martinez worked diligently and worked hard, earned, changed, and paid for the coaching support. He was a multi-player soccer player. He raised his head and met his companion. Without losing taste for some magic shades, he contributed to his team. It also developed tactical and positional discipline and intelligence, which became the basis for the team's overall performance. After that, he was awarded the recognition of fans.

It was a personal chapter with the support of the millionaires in the history of love Boxing Duel. The "Ambitious" is found in the crosses of the classic opposer and motivates him to prove his leadership and power. Big volleyball at the local tournaments, a Supercopa in Mendoza, another volleyball – the Superleague is the first one and an unforgettable ride on the empty back side of Santiago Bernabéu. All these victories were called luxury, and they also created a song of honor for the player. This "He Is How Wise" Even if the player's cycle is already closed in the club, it is a resonance.

Technical quality, Boca and key case goals, and achievement titles (eight to four years) They put "Merry Christmas" at the Olympiad in the "10" river. Perhaps the most successful cycle in the history of the club, Mendoza has the responsibility to carry a large number of history and demanded dresses. There may even be a situation in the institution. However, He went to juvenile and accepted the celebrity (and idolatry) at the bottom of the river.

The Argentine team coach (later interim) did not pay attention to his game, Lionel Scaloni, which in his own world before the start of the 2018 Russia cycle, gave him the responsibility to be the handle of the group. The injury did not allow the river player to keep the blue and white dresses intact, but in 2019, Brazil's Copa América and Copa America Possible partnership of Lionel Messi, if Rosarin decided to return to the national casting.

"He is a player capable of playing in the main league", – says Gallardo Martinez Atlanta United United States of America RLS. "Amazing", 25 years old, chose this goal because it was the strongest suggestion to go to the club, but he does not lose hope for a high level of football. "Every player wants to go to Europe, but I know tomorrow they will pay me more than pay and pay because I believe in my terms," ​​he said.

In the 2018 semi-final English edition The Guardian chose it among the top 100 players of the year (This was 94 °). He was the only representative of local football, who was on the list. He also won recognition America's best player Traditional award from the El País newspaper in Uruguay.

This victory history has not ended yet Al Ain is charged with fraud that did not let Rivera win the game against Real Madrid and prevented entry into the Club World Cup finals. In Japan, for Kashima Antlers, it was much more deserving to close the "Aidagu" cycle in the river duel, especially for the second and third places. Monumental Cuban Libertadores served as a dessert for strawberries for this activity between players and fans to meet Boka.

«I will miss you». It was four words before Martinez's victory in the Bernabeu final. He is in Madrid, the United Arab Emirates and Nunes. He told his teams and fans. He always spoke to them with tears.

The goal of Boca from monumental lawns is to make her last laughter in her "smile" service. The river's fans believe it's not partial, but you'll see it later, and in a few years he would say to his disciples: "What foolish man?"

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