Saturday , June 19 2021

Google and Apple have released a list of the best apps for the year 2018


Heads the list of Apple companies YouTube, after that Instagram, Snapcatt, Messenger and Facebookrespectively.

In the case of the most loaded Bitmoji in 2017, this figure was sixth in the autumn. This is an application that is a Snapchat owner and allows users to create emotions identical to users.

Facebook it has gained a place among the first places, despite the hardships of millions of users.

The headings of the photos remain among the favorite users Facetune paying more and more. Similarly, Cyr · drama. +, allowing you to add special effects to your photos and videos, based on information from California today.

As for games, it is popular Fortnite Heliks is the second to Junn, a ball game run by the players in the maze.

Third place Raise up, Which allows the players to protect the balloon from obstacles.


In the case Android, Dropsthe first place in terms of download volume was studied. This will allow you to learn 31 different languages.

It will appear among the most entertaining scenes Vimage, which allows you to customize your videos with moving and interactive elements.

It was surprising in 2018 Slow, which was finally recognized as the best news. The app has features that allow you to interact slower with other people who have common interests.

Similarly, Player Unkonw Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG), Fortnite's main event, won the first place as the most downloaded video gaming app.

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