Thursday , September 29 2022

Google Maps always lets you know where you are, so you erase history from Technology & Science News


When you open Google Maps, the application automatically enrolles your location. You can also find the address and location of your home by tracking the frequency of the places you are visiting. This location has been going on in the past even though it is being deleted.

"Improving this user experience" is justified by the company. Users will be able to "get reliable management" to get "turn off their history at any time". The Google Blog has a publication that defines how to delete databases from within the database for several weeks.

But leave a trail Google Maps It's complicated. If you search for an address or route, the company will keep an eye on this information and store it in your database. Your searches and your daily rounds will be saved in Location History.

In addition to upgrading user experience, advertisers use this data to track the effectiveness of online advertising running since 2014.

According to British security researcher Graham Kilily Google Maps Disables user history by disabling Location History. The claim was based on the Associated Press Investigation, which has caused Google publicly insulting Google to blame users for their privacy.

Google offers "tools specific features". Now there is a process of step-by-step removal of company database entries. But this will be only next year Google Maps and Eric Miraglia, Product Management Director.

"Access to privacy controls on everyday Google products is one of the things that constantly works to achieve everyone's privacy," he said. Your data is currently stored in Google records.

Save my data-

You can check what you know Google Maps The Google Account on "Your personal information" option has a Time Zone folder Google Maps"This will notify you of all movements of this application". Clearing search history does not help, but go to the company's "Web & App Activity".

Google will provide you with all of the activity you have at Google services listed in the section above. This option must be disabled. To do this, go to your Google Account and select "Manage your account activity" and disable the feature.

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