Thursday , October 21 2021

Google Maps is updated with the feature that makes Waze popular


In recent years, Google has doubled its efforts to improve Google Maps navigation with new tools. However, at the testing stage, the last one is focused on motor vehicles.

It is a feature that informs you of accidents and speed tracking, and then uses public data to make the most efficient routes for other drivers or warns them of the risks involved.

News was discovered several months ago by Android Police, but now appears on the devices of select users on Google Maps.

If you're one of them, you'll see a new report button with the "+" in the dialog box at the bottom left of the Maps screen.

To get started, touch and touch the rest of the information so that other users will be able to find out about the potential for interfering with normal traffic.

It's a surprise that this feature has recently been debuted on Maps, as Google's navigational app, which was purchased in 2013, is one of Waze's success keys.

If the trial version is popular with Google Maps functionality and users, you can expect that it will be available all over the place for a short time.

However, as with all tests, there are no guarantees that errors or speed traps will be featured in future updates.

It looks like Google's Maps has not been featured in recent times because it adds new features.

Only in the last month, the Save As button has been added to Android, so you can track your favorite companies and get the latest news about special offers and upcoming events.

Also, real-time travel tracking for iPhone (Android already available) has also been added to consumers for better stress-free navigation than routing points for power and power charging stations.

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