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Google needs to sync with Bluetooth devices


Google Pixel Buds

Google has upgraded Fast Pair to Improve and Improve Bluetooth pairing between wireless accessories Lets you share your connection on Android devices.

Quick pairing is updated and will improve Google's pairing system

Because the USB-C standard is in ports socket For a 3.5mm headset smartphones, manufacturers began offers its users alternative types of alternatives, Such as wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology.

Google, for example, offers Pixel Buds: a proposal for smart-headphones Made by Google what Support Assistant and they are one of the Pixel 3 star's accessories that are the flagship of Mountain View.

Basic USB icon 3 USB C

The truth is that this change in technology made it possible for the manufacturer to increase its efforts to simplify the task of matching the headphones of this type with mobile phones via Bluetooth.

That's why a year ago, Fast Pair technology was introduced in the community that allows you to connect Bluetooth headsets with Android devices simple, fast and safe. At the moment, he has announced the improvement of the system through his article on his official blog.

Fast pairing will be next year compatible with Chromebooks

With Fast Pair, Google solves the consumers' lives: By using this technology, you bring out a pair of headphones on your Android device, immediately notifies pairing connect the two devices for a moment.

Thus, the divorce that separates those resisting this type of technology is reduced. Use Fast Pair (Bluetooth Low Energy) to find your device.

In particular, the improvements made by Mountain View guys are related to users who can use and pair their devices with their Google accounts Share your connection with other compatible devices Android version 6.0 or higher, and the latest version of Google Play.

In addition, it also publishes the technology Starting in 2019, it will be compatible with Chromebooks, so those who earn it benefit from this measure. Similarly, the manufacturer said it would work with other industry players to deliver fast hybrids new compatible devices.

Finally, according to Android Authority, Mountain View works with Airoha, BES and Qualcomm. Enable local support software development suites (SDKs), and thus extend the standard.

Of course, there's time to pair our Bluetooth headset smartphones it should be as simple as connecting to the port socket 3.5 mm.

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