Thursday , August 11 2022

Gymnastics repeats itself voluntarily: hitting the river and finishing


The river was Argentinian Cup lost tonight Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata From 5 to 4, by definition criminalsin the semifinals match in the Marlen del Plata Jose Maria Minella stadium, which ended in a 2- to 2. minute match.

The A millionaire Gonzalo Martínez made a free kick on 29th minute, but in the 33st minute, equalizing Lorenzo Farawelli.

In addition, River 2 scored from Lucas Antato, but Santiago Silva equalized with 14. Wolf.

Both teams have ten exclude Eskene Bonifacio, At the initial stage 39 and Javier Pinola, in complement 4.

The final of the Cup will take place between La Plata and the club Rosario Central. It's scheduled for next December 6 available Mendoza as the host province.

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