Monday , September 27 2021

Hantavirus: now it's giving away neighbors in Euwain


This applies to those who have a close relationship with any of the 13 confirmed cases. The idea is to avoid infection from a person to a person. Medical groups remain in the community before the disease begins. The festival of industrialists is postponed and guarantees their delivery.

Health care work in Ethiopia continues, due to Sanitary Warning prior to Hantavir's death. Minister of Health Adrian Pitzci held a number of events with Secretary of Culture Matias Katro; mayor of the city Antonio Rioto; Responsible for the Eschell program area; From the Secretariat of the People's Health and the responsible person for the Biological Engineering Division of the Malbren Institute of Buenos Aires, Alexis Edelstein.

Prior to addressing the neighbors there was a press conference. The minister called the Xantovirus disease "this disease is a unique and unique phenomenon with atypical behavior, because it is endemic in the province and we use it more than 20 years ago. But it has special characteristics and it fails to analyze the situation and gives you a chance to get the definitions. "

He said: "Our country has all the sanitary facilities, and there are many people who can analyze this situation; Meetings with famous scientific societies and institutions such as Muñiz Hospital in Buenos Aires, El Cruce Hospital; and National Epidemiology Advisor with us. We contribute to this unique situation.

Until the end of illness in the epinea, there is a regular schedule of preventive measures. Biologist of the livestock; Director of the Department of Pathology and Epidemiology of the Province Theresa Strela and Zoonosis de Nación. On Thursday, they started taking 12 hours of work and 6 sessions to discuss the chain and adopt chains, for example, isolation of the most populous people.

The minister said that the best mental health team would be affected by the most affected institutions and families. "This should be a health care system, and because of this, we need to have a healthcare system." Hospital Zonal Eskel and Associate Director infectious people attended meetings to care for the public and health workers. And Nation evaluates technology and ultimately applies. The Pizzatio Rio Negro contacted the healthcare minister and provided the province needed Pediatric Intensive Therapy and the Bariloche Hospital already available.

Pizzi and the horde hospitals have available resources to purchase the necessary equipment, and due to the deterioration of the situation, work is under way to replace human resources and health care workers in certain sectors.

Postponement of the planned Artisan festival in the city has been confirmed due to psychosocial reasons. "We saw that our mental health is frightening the community with the costs and that the municipality has ceased immediately and we support the mayor's decision; it is celebrated when it is. «

On the other hand, Stella has identified the necessary measures to prevent a person from harming people and minimize their contact with people in the home. "Social isolation" will be implemented, and the relationships with the affected people will be stable. Also, if you leave the house, ventilate the rooms, frequently wash your hands, use the bleachers when you are cleaning the house, and restrict your home exit, along with other recommendations, for example, when using a hole at home.

"We have to put more demands on those who have been in contact with patients who have been tested for a xanthavirus and who are undergoing supervision," he said.

The daily section reported two cases in the Zonal Esquel Hospital; 13 were confirmed and 7 cases were eliminated. There is a man at the Epuyén hospital in the village village. HZE intensive care unit 3, 3 patients in the patient.

Mary Reato praised the "great accompaniment of each of them" for Eu'vain and stated that "they will do all they can to do this once and for all."

"We need mass media (communication) to help the media reach, so we know that everything is being done. There is nothing to hide, "he said.

Malbrann Edelshtein agrees in Euweije that this is a "special event," because "it is not the transmission mechanism of the commonly known Hantawir; We need to conduct an epidemiological analysis of how to deal with this illness. "

"Health systems have worked until now and they should work," he said. "Selective isolation prevents possible hazards, as the transmission phenomenon is low and generally not exposed to the community."

The Committee concludes its presentation with local communities, at the local municipal gymnasium, at an open-air demonstration, and answering neighbors questions. (Source:

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