Friday , May 14 2021

He recovered from breast cancer, but his intuition made a terrible decision – 14.12.14

After a certainty and stress, Downing CheetA dentist from Warland, Manchester, England received the results of biopsy. He was fighting breast cancer, but it was necessary to confirm that the cancer cells were not in the body.

There, 2015 and 40 years, which gave him good news: there was no observation in his illness. 17-year-old spouses and eight-year-old little girl returned to their lives.

But for several months, she began to be worried. His stomach caused pain and pain. This year it is intuitive, there is no clear evidencethis disease has returned.

In 2014, they identified all the cancerous diseases. But in 2015, after winning it, he never thought of it. Thus, it is always physically disadvantaged or ill with any illness.

"I have slept very little, and I slept for three or four hours I faced many challenges"says Jonathan Mellord, a colleague of the day, when the beginning of that day was unable to replace him and reassured him that he had made the most difficult decision: suicide in his daughter's room.

After she did not answer the call, the family found her dead. Then, thoughts appeared. She survived a 43-year-old woman because she did not face new trends in chemotherapy.

The researchers and the family were asked to open a young doctor, and then the results of the study confirmed that there was no trace of cancer cells in her body.

"I'm convinced that all the problems, including cancer and depression, have changed dramatically, but it is unclear whether one or even one of them has died," said the doctor. forensic examination

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