Sunday , August 7 2022

He stole a confectionary shop, which detained the clients and beat him up


Adelina's villa was surprised by the strangers who wanted to steal reaction of customer group, who was caught after the hit.

Last Sunday was an incident at 17.30 at "Colon" confectionery factory, Bakery service located in San Jose de Buenos Aires, Avenida de Mayo, 1198.

The system where the local security cameras write, they were arrested when they were thieves, with a sunglasses and a napkin, which when the company goes to the boxes, it tries to commit robbery.

However, The plan did not work as planned.

After the fighter jumped up to the cashier to make the robbery, a red shiny customer went to look for it, strikes and blows. "You will only come when you are there!" He replied.

After follow-up and successful immobilization, other neighbors surrounded the victim and performed the task. But there were also some confusion because he tried to separate other customers because he was just a fight.

«I struggled with wrestling, I do not understand until the police come in, "said Leandro in an interview with the channel TN about injury to the hand. "I thought that he was armed, and who would enter without bread in the bread?" He said. And he said:I conducted similar activities with other criminals«

Police officers were arrested after the employees complaining. But the "robbery attempt «Unarmed, the accused has already been vacant.

"I did not complete the report that I left the police station"says Leandro." I have three blocks, and I have five daughters. I'm not afraid of myself but for my family, "he concluded.

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