Wednesday , November 25 2020

Health has provided recommendations for the prevention of skin cancer

In connection with the National campaign on prevention of thyroid cancer, the specialists of the Regional Dermatological Center "Physician. Manuel M. Giménez "Resistencia, Chacau, reminds the residents of solar radiation that they risk exposure to this disease. In response, the Ministry of Health advises responsible behavior before the sun.

"The growth of skin cancer in recent years has prompted us to be experts who emphasize the importance of preventing and preventing ultraviolet (ultraviolet) exposure," says Maria. Estee Fiji. In particular, when exposure to sunlight increased risk behavior, oxidation was synonymous with errors, beauty and good looks.

Likewise, light rays originating from sunlight or from artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation can lead to radiation sources (cataracts, traumas), early skin aging (wrinkles, spots) and various types of skin cells.

In addition to UV rays caused by ultraviolet radiation from ultraviolet radiation caused by sunlight, it may cause the risk of skin cancer. Artificial UV doses of UV rays can accumulate in the UV dose of the sun and increase the carcinogenic effect, so the National Oncology Institute forbids the general public to use loungers, especially for persons under the age of 35.

Manila Russell, a skin cancer specialist, recommends that the general public, especially children and adolescents, take precautionary measures such as avoiding the effects of up to 9 days. At 5:00, you stay in the shade, cover with light clothing, hats and sunglasses, use at least 30 sunscreen FPS (Sun Protection Factor). "It should be borne in mind that the protection can be reduced after touching the water and after use, so it is repeated several times a day," he said.

Russell also noted that it is necessary to completely refuse impact on children under 1 year old. "For those who do physical exercises, they make it at low heat, and these suggestions should be made for everyone who works in light, light clothing, light colors and sunlight," he said. .

Potential-affected groups include: Pregnant women; infants and small children; More than 65 people; and those suffering from chronic illnesses such as respiratory or cardiovascular, hypertension, obesity and / or diabetes.

Skin cancer

This can be due to cancer of the skin and several factors, such as the recurrent sunburn or long-term exposure to ultraviolet light.

There are two main types of skin tumors: carcinoma and melanoma. Carcinomas (basal and spinosellar) are commonly encountered. Melanomas are more commonly encountered, but their evolution can be poorly predictive and the most important of skin cancer. This is usually due to the effects of sunlight on early childhood and is an early stage of treatment. It appears in two ways: the appearance of a small area of ​​pigmentation that changes to healthy skin (most often) or by modifying existing mole (pigmented nevi).

Skin tumors can be detected early in many cases. Early detection is a good remedy.

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