Monday , September 27 2021

Hector Dor: No one thought that the government would want to hit such a country

The CGT was astonished by the poorest prophecies about Macrist's economic model.

31 December 2018

Secretary General CGT Hector Derek she said that «No one waited» this is the government Mauricio Macri I was there such poor economic results, the report said bonus at the end of the year which has helped restore the purchasing power of a 20 per cent nominal growth rate of employees who signed a parliarry.

In the interviewed interview Commercial chronicleThe head of the Health Guild said "no-one thought that these guys had been put into the macroeconomics with the debt." "Nobody waited for him"he said.

Over the course of these three years, Dyer, referring to Macri's role in the KGT, recalled that the union's center had "done what he needed to do" "There were four stops and a demonstration, and that was a bit."

Considering the unity of peronism, Drair should be "all together", including the nearest president to the former president Kristina Kirchner. And he said:We must build the foundation of unity. "

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