Monday , September 27 2021

History of a woman saved from the collapse of balconies in Mar del Plata?

"I first had to cross the road and cross the street, but I did not want to go to people, so I went through the diagonal.Before I left, Dad asked me, "Are you crossing the sun?" After that, I saved my life. There we heard the explosion, "Romina said in an interview A24.

The survivors of the tragedy, the first thing that came to mind after the collapse, was the image of the children who asked her to walk in the minutes.

«My children have come to my head, so I left them for two minutes and bought bread. They called me to take me, and I told them I was running. If I travel with them, they will run first and stay there, "he said.

And he concluded: "Kids run first and enter the ice cream salon (located on the ground floor of a collapsed building), greet and get away. If they had run as a ritual, today my life and other destiny. I can not find any comment.

Romina had a fall in her throat. What prevents him from moving easily. He also relied on the car to reach the corner, and then to help the neighbors and fathers to reach their home.

In her turn, Romina said she never saw Agastina Ferru and her daughter:I did not see them passing. I was thinking about it and I did not look for it anywhere. When I looked into the street, I saw nothing else. I did not see them, I do not know where they are, "he said.

However, the grief of a husband and father is recorded in a few seconds after the collapse of the husband: "I remember that the man knew that he was running among the stones and that his wife and daughter were there. I've seen them many times.

Romina said that she knew that her mother and a 3 year old girl had died a half an hour later. Another neighbor confirmed it: "How did you save yourself, how did you save yourself? "Said the boy.

The survivor noticed that he could only see a video once, where he saved his remarkable life. By doing so, he again regrets and creates uncontrolled discomfort.

In its turn, Mother of three children aged 6,4 and 3 years According to him, the fact that the video appeared on the video by police officers is enough to file a criminal complaint. The issue is provided by a lawyer.

"I think about this lady, and I think I'm here and that's all my family, my parents, and all my family lost, because they were seconds. It was a lot worse, there were people on the doorway of the ice cream shop, where they would buy clothes. It was a lot worse. Anyway, I want to give it to this family and I say goodbye to them. I think I was born again «

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