Friday , June 18 2021

Horacio Rodríguez predicts the Larreta City Police will use changes in security forces led by Patricia Bullrich

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta Confirmed City Police Apply New Regulation on Use of Weapons Patricia Bullich was officially made on Monday. In addition, the mayor of Buenos Aires has been able to remove short-term schemes with the President's Security Minister.

"The city relies on a new protocol that is power of the team""said Rodriguez Larretta as part of a subway network's D network upgrade and a link between the B, C and D networks at the facility.

The prime minister has avoided press reports about this: "We work very well with the national security team, Patricia (Bullrich) expressed gratitude for our participation in the G20, we work with them, we are one team, so we work together."

Rodriguez Larretta did not specify the situation when the city police began to apply, and this measure involved the federal forces affiliated with the Ministry of Defense. It remains to be clear what position the police will have with Buenos Aires.

Until now, according to regulatory acts, cash had to be waived for the disclosure of fire, and before the firearms had been expelled, they were forced to use the braking force and use it until the age of minors. With the new rule Members of the force may use their weapons against "any danger."

"Our security forces today have always been unsuccessful and have always stood by the winners because they have the doctrine.", Patricia Bullrich announced at the last hour after the official announcement of the new protocol.

The Minister demanded that firearms be used as a last resort. "Why do we have a police officer to take arms and protect the population," he said.

In that sense, he decided to change the national government decision on the basis of the central principle: "You can use firearms only in dangerous situations, life threats, or in situations where the security forces or third parties are in a very difficult situation."

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